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WHMCS 7.10.2 Nulled Now Available

Market WHMCS 7.10.2 Nulled Now Available 7.10.2

CORE-14484 - Ensure single domain renewals can proceed
CORE-14543 - Apply dynamic currency factor to ResellerClub API results in TLD Sync
CORE-14548 - Ensure clients are correctly observed as active during ClientStatusSync
CORE-14550 - Ensure metric usage definitions are removed upon Product deletion
CORE-14558 - Improve logic for early callback with WorldPay FuturePay
CORE-14561 - Ensure appropriate options are pre-selected when editing Email Marketer rule
CORE-14563 - Correct path prefix for S3-backed KB image storage
CORE-14565 - Prevent repeated emails sent by a single Email Marketer Rule
CORE-14567 - Ensure asset type "email_images" can be migrated
CORE-14569 - Correct free to paid upgrade cycle validation
CORE-14572 - Correct input validation for My Account > Disable Two Factor
CORE-14578 - Prevent display of option to upgrade to a product without a billing cycle
CORE-14583 - Ensure optimized OpenSSL library is used with GMP is not present
CORE-14596 - Correct View & Pay Invoice permission for sub-accounts
CORE-14600 - Improve days until due calculation when upgrading from free to paid product with a promotion code
CORE-14608 - Correct Storage IDs for kb_images and email_images
CORE-14616 - Correct 2FA redirect for full-friendly URL paths
CORE-14617 - Prevent erroneous block of 2Checkout activation
CORE-14498 - Ensure that we always get a 0 value when expected

MODULE-6942 - Observe and handle buyer_complaint reversal IPN for PayPal Basic
MODULE-7066 - Update available_clouds call from POST to GET in VPS.net
MODULE-7356 - Ensure License Addon renders cancellation link as configured
MODULE-7380 - Correct input for configuration validation of ResellerClub SSL
MODULE-7406 - Improve handling of non-decimal currencies in PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7407 - Correct float normalization for PayPal Checkout

CORE-13660 - Clarify AddOrder API in regards to automation of product/service setup
CORE-13080 - Update WHOIS server for .vc, .vg, .tc
CORE-13081 - Improve jQuery selector used by stripe.js for better template compatibility
CORE-13102 - Correct logic for re-verification of client email on admin change
CORE-13105 - Correct ticket attachment aggregation utilized for storage migration
CORE-13106 - Ensure Custom Invoice Numbering is applied to all created invoices
CORE-13107 - Improve file migration error display
CORE-13116 - Correct tax rate inconsistency on new invoices
CORE-13119 - Correct due date assignment on manually generated invoices
CORE-13120 - Improve SSL certificate validity detection
CORE-13124 - Correct same-directory name collisions for analyzed storage configuration settings
CORE-13127 - Update WHOIS server for .ch
CORE-13131 - Prevent DOM error in Chrome for activating a payment gateway
CORE-13132 - Ensure Predefined Products can be applied to quotes
CORE-13134 - Improve UX for invalidated storage configurations
CORE-13141 - Correct captcha validation for ticket form submissions
CORE-13143 - Prevent PDO exception when sorting by Service Addon name
CORE-13144 - Correct goto parameter usage when authenticating via AutoAuth
CORE-13145 - Correct application of login captcha settings for AutoAuth authentications
CORE-13146 - Correct ordering of service list on tickets
CORE-13149 - Optimize and improve resilence of queries in SSL Sync cron task
Also known as: CORE-13147
CORE-13151 - Prevent widget minimization from affecting layout location
CORE-13152 - Correct missing details in Setup Advance Mode for CodeGuard
CORE-13158 - Correct display of attachment not found error when sending templated email
CORE-13177 - Correct custom module categorization in Apps and Integrations
CORE-13179 - Correct view construction for Client > Service Addons and Client > Domain Registrations pages
CORE-13181 - Update WHOIS server for .ca
CORE-13186 - Ensure admin area addons search returns appropriate results
CORE-13189 - Correct error when attempting to generate PDF invoices using dejavusans font
CORE-13140 - Correct compatibility issue with automatic updates in PHP 7.3

PMA-136 - Correct trigger for invoice data snapshot generation
Also known as: CORE-13121, CORE-13122, CORE-13139
PMA-137 - Provide fallback logic for environments which cannot detect browser-viewable attachment content

MODULE-6598 - Ensure Nominet shows TAG Change option when AllowClientTAGChange is enabled on module settings
MODULE-6949 - Correct invoice payment record for non-hosting with 2CO Inline
MODULE-6957 - Correct admin area JS error trigged by subscription cancellation associated with 2CO
MODULE-6961 - Assert required format of CA postal codes with Namecheap API
MODULE-6962 - Update fallback logic to account for inconsistent PayPal transitory subscription id schema
MODULE-6965 - Add support for Payments Cancelled events with GoCardless
MODULE-6966 - Ensure CodeGuard services show in Manage dropdown of client area
MODULE-6967 - Ensure Existing Domain addon selection is limited to applicable products
MODULE-6969 - Correct tax application for overdue or custom invoices with 2CO
MODULE-6971 - Prevent error for completed transaction with PayJunction
MODULE-6972 - Correct Disk Space value of Professional plan on CodeGuard Upgrade page
CORE-13078 - Update Slack logo
CORE-13172 - Prevent error when performing delete on release via Nominet

CORE-13101 - Return replyid in replies data of GetTicket API
CORE-13138 - Ensure currency data is provided in response of GetInvoices API
Also known as: CORE-13047

CORE-12832 - Update client Italian translation
CORE-12987 - Update client Hebrew translation
CORE-13085 - Correct client German translation
CORE-13118 - Update Hungarian translations
Also known as: CORE-13030
CORE-12787 - Correct WHMCS Installer input processing
CORE-12796 - Correct Twitter data processing
CORE-12814 - Improve date parameter processing
CORE-12838 - Correct email template policy
CORE-12843 - Update Smarty to correct a template processing issue
CORE-12853 - Update TCPDF to 6.2.22
CORE-12879 - Correct variable usage when rendering admin affiliate overview
CORE-12928 - Correct knowledgebase input validation
CORE-13057 - Correct logic for aggregate search fields
CORE-13073 - Improve input sanitization for API
CORE-8228 - Ensure ticket tag cloud aggregates regardless of status
Also known as: CORE-12894
CORE-8419 - Prevent erroneous redirect when selecting a product bundle whose first item is a domain
CORE-10540 - Ensure $totalcredit merge field is in client's currency when viewing admin invoice as client
CORE-11990 - Correct display of One Time Addons billing cycle in Product Details Tab
CORE-12526 - Correct cron report summary for auto suspension count
CORE-12655 - Correct Pending Transfer sync for ResellerClub
CORE-12672 - Ensure "Don't show this again" is honored for "Approaching Client Limit" notifications
CORE-12870 - Do not display cancellation option for One Time products in client area
CORE-12932 - Ensure all Setup nav items are present for contextual sidebar
CORE-12960 - Implement SSL Certificate Monitoring report
CORE-13019 - Update syntax for PHP 7.3 compatibility
CORE-13024 - Prevent erroneous auto renew opt-in when enabling registrar lock
Also known as: MODULE-6925
CORE-13027 - Correct title for Domain Registrations
CORE-13028 - Correct currency display in Service/Addon/Domain Lists
CORE-13029 - Prevent erroneous redirect when sorting by column on Admin Area pages
Also known as: CORE-13058
CORE-13032 - Prevent PDO exception when sorting by Price on Domain Registrations
CORE-13039 - Prevent spurious form action on Configure Domains
CORE-13042 - Ensure links in Tweets are parsed
CORE-13050 - Prevent error when viewing cart which does not support captcha
CORE-13062 - Improve CSS for Hide Inactive Clients toggle
CORE-13069 - SSL Status Monitoring UX improvements
CORE-13076 - Ensure valid target upgrade product
MODULE-6796 - Prevent duplicate log and notification when using 3DSecure with SagePay Tokens
MODULE-6883 - Update check graphic used by banking modules
Also known as: MODULE-6318
MODULE-6910 - Correct fraud check behaviour for 2Checkout
MODULE-6924 - Ensure Domain Name custom field is saved for ResellerClubSSL
MODULE-6935 - Revise secure connection required notice in GoCardless usage notes
MODULE-6944 - Ensure BluePay eCheck reference is stored for recurring billing
MODULE-6946 - Correct URL for GoCardless onboarding redirect logic
MODULE-6948 - UX and text refinements for Apps & Integrations
MODULE-6950 - Improve UX of BitPay activation
CORE-13025 - Prevent error with searching only by 'status' for GetInvoices API
ADDON-6025 - Correct display of not applicable project due dates on Dashboard Widget
CORE-10834 - Prevent false negative assessment for System Health Status SSL check
CORE-12334 - Ensure invoice itemizes multiple domain renewal fees
CORE-12578 - Update WHOIS server for .sa
CORE-12586 - Ensure fontselect and fontsizeselect options are available in WYSIWYG editor
CORE-12587 - Correct twitter brand icons
CORE-12592 - Update WHOIS server for .gr
CORE-12594 - Optimize ticket count aggregation queries
CORE-12595 - Correct envelope icon clientarea
CORE-12596 - Correct CSS icons required for Ticket Feedback
CORE-12600 - Correct link path for SiteLock Learn More
CORE-12601 - Correct credit card branding icons related to Client Summary
CORE-12602 - Improve logic detection of Std Whois when auto-enabling WHMCS Namespinning
CORE-12603 - Correct JS related to "Message Preview" button on "Mass Mail Tool"
Also known as: CORE-12640
CORE-12604 - Update branded credit card icons
CORE-12613 - Correct Advanced Client Search in sidebar
CORE-12615 - Exclude domain sync from generic daily cron collection, honoring its own schedule setting
CORE-12620 - Correct enforcement of Admin 2FA on Next Login
CORE-12627 - Use translatable string for KB search input placeholder
CORE-12628 - Use translatable string for KB Related Articles heading
CORE-12633 - Correct Advanced Client Search filter by Default Payment Method
CORE-12634 - Correct filter logic for UpdateDomainExpiryStatus task
CORE-12635 - Correct display of credit card icons on "manage credit card"
CORE-12637 - Correct formatting of product description in standard cart
CORE-12639 - Ensure domain sync cron tasks are setup on fresh install
CORE-12642 - Update India state name of Odisha
CORE-12649 - Update WHOIS for .cl
CORE-12654 - Prevent erroneous exception for missing promotions in orderforms
MODULE-6825 - Suppress expected Maxmind warnings related to region
MODULE-6830 - Correct handling of nameserver data for Enom
MODULE-6832 - Correct detection of existing recurring payment after enabling 2CO Inline
MODULE-6834 - Correct display of PayPal Subscribe button when upgrading from free to paid product
MODULE-6840 - Correct application credits and promotions on upgrade invoices with 2CO Inline
MODULE-6841 - Use 2CO Inline's Approval status for payment transition
MODULE-6842 - Correct Enom error message aggregation for GetDomainInformation
MODULE-6844 - Prevent spurious error with Accept.JS which may prevent first payment attempts
MODULE-6848 - Prevent Module Not Found error on renewal of a service without a module
MODULE-6854 - Improve 2CO API request for more strict service endpoint
Also known as: CORE-12665
CORE-12574 - Update Hungarian translations
CORE-12608 - Update Hungarian translations
CORE-12638 - Update Italian translations
CORE-12643 - Update Romanian translation
CORE-12648 - Update German translations
CORE-12661 - Update Italian translations
Release Information
Version: 7.5.2
Release Type: Security Patch
Release Date: 17th July 2018
Distribution Types: Full Version, Incremental and via Automatic Updater
Upgrade Process
View Standard Upgrade Steps

Automatic Updating
If you are running WHMCS 7.0 or later, you can use the built-in Automatic Update utility.

Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the process.

If the update was released recently, you may need to click the Check for Updates button before the update will show as available.
WHMCS v7.5.2 requires Ioncube Loader 10.1 or higher. The Automatic Updater verifies this requirement for you in v7.4.2. If you are using the Automatic Updater and are not yet on v7.4.2, then you will not see the v7.5.2 update but only v7.4.2. Use the Auto Updater to first update to v7.4.2. After this, v7.5.2 will viewable and the Automatic Updater will be able to verify all requirements before proceeding to this latest version.
For more information about the Automatic Updater and troubleshooting please refer to the Automatic Updaterdocumentation.

Release Notes
The release addresses four potential security issues as well as maintenance fixes. A full list of change can be found in the #Changelog.

Template Changes
No template changes have been made for this release.


PMA-117 - Correct project permissions within the Project Management addon
CORE-12483 - Correct potential XSS on admin homepage
CORE-12501 - Correct client password reset logic
CORE-12478 - Correct admin access to remote servers via WHMC Connect

CORE-12254 - Ensure todolist.php is included in distribution
CORE-12257 - Apply additional date formatting in addinvoicepayment for iOS agents
Also known as: IOS-139
CORE-12462 - Improve error handling during license validation
Reactions: budgierless
CORE-10911 - Only perform monthly operations on expected day, regardless of '--force' cron command option
CORE-11614 - Ensure Client Email Verification e-mail can only be sent to the main client on an account
CORE-12144 - Redirect requests to pwreset with GET data
CORE-12150 - Prevent ticket association when sender is a contact of multiple client accounts
CORE-12163 - Add translation strings for PHP Version Compatibility Utility
CORE-12164 - Permit new TLDs extension when performing ticket email address validation
CORE-12177 - Clarify Payment Reminder Emails description in Automation Settings
CORE-12183 - Correct HTML in Admin Area Configurable Options UI
CORE-12200 - Correct source path reference in standard cart common template
CORE-12201 - Ensure cart order trigger hosting addon automation when provisioning is set to 'on payment'
CORE-12203 - Honor language selection within the Admin Area Setup page
CORE-12206 - Correct cart workflow for products without MarketConnect addons
CORE-12207 - Correct links for cart actions on Domain Renewal page
Also known as: CORE-12210
CORE-12213 - Correct logic for domain availability on Boxes order form
CORE-12216 - Refine Billable Items for PHP 7.1 compatibility
CORE-12217 - Refine Domain Renewals for PHP 7.1 compatibility
CORE-12221 - Refine Spam Controls for PHP 7.1 compatibility
CORE-12222 - Provide option to disable ionCube Safe Include to allow loading of files encoded with Online Encoder
CORE-12228 - Correct cron service termination query
CORE-12236 - Correct missing column headings from quote PDFs
CORE-12238 - Correct Domain Renewals paths for Boxes & Modern carts
CORE-12239 - Update Google SignIn provider setup to prevent erroneous error due to API changes at Google
CORE-12240 - Improve UX via console warning when whmcsBaseUrl is not defined in template
CORE-12242 - Correct display of "Join our mailing list" implicit value in certain configurations
CORE-12244 - Improve performance of Domain Registration page

CORE-12214 - Ensure cart order trigger hosting addon automation when provisioning is set to 'is placed'
CORE-12247 - Fix invalid string offset error in SiteLock admin add order process
MODULE-6751 - Improve FreeRadius sync code example
MODULE-6755 - Update Payza URL
MODULE-6760 - Update random password generator for fit validation changes of LogixBox API
PMA-114 - Ensure charset is itemized in mod_project table schema definition
PMA-115 - Refine Recent Activity tab for PHP 7.1 compatibility

CORE-12087 - Ensure GetClientsProducts API returns hidden configuration options when called via localapi